Family Key - instantly hides an adult content from your screen
from your family members' eyes.
Hide/restore your web browser, media player and graphics viewer's windows with just one hotkey keystroke!

FamilyKey software defines one hot button on your keyword that instantly hides/unhides
an "unsituable" private contents from your screen in situations when somebody is coming and can see your screen.
FamilyKey helps you to not get caught by your family members when you watch porn pictures and videos on a porn sites.

How it works:

FamilyKey software maps your PAUSE keyboard button (pointed by a green arrow) as a "Family Key". When you press this key, all confidential information immediately hides from your screen. Press it again and all info restores back to your screen.

When you press this key, all "unsituable" windows immediately gets hidden from your screen. Press it again to show back all these windows. While "private" windows are hidden, you can continue to work at computer as usual. But just press Pause button again and all hidden windows will get back to your screen. You can select which applications you want to hide in situations when somebody going to see your creen and what to do not.

Family Key can instantly:

* Hide an Internet Explorer window
* Hide a Mozilla Firefox window
* Hide a Google Chrome window
* Hide an Apple Safari window
* Hide an Opera browser window
* Hide a Windows Media Center window
* Hide a Media Player window
* Hide an ACDSee window
* Hide a VLC Player window
* Hide a Corel DVD Window
* Hide a Cyberlink PowerDVD Window
* Hide a KMPlayer Window
* Hide/unhide by just one hotkey keystroke a many other application's windows...

* Can password-protect hidden windows from unauthorized unhiding
* Can hide itself!
* ... can protect your privacy and reputation

Current version: 1.3. Updated: Dec, 17, 2012.

Download Now (1560Kb)

Compatible with Windows7 and Windows XP


FamilyKey can do its job at home and at work

Screenshots of FamilyKey:

How to use

1. Install the FamilyKey application
2. Press "PAUSE" button on your keyboard to Hide/Unhide windows
Press PAUSE twice to lock hidden windows by password, if you need it

Green arrow shows where the Family Key is located on your keyboard (Pause button)